Frequently Asked Questions:


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Q: What should I bring?
What to bring:
     * business cards
* a great, positive attitude
     * ideas about what opportunities you know of for other internet marketers
     * ideas about what needs your business has that other internet marketers might have solutions for
     * a camera (take some photos and/or video so we can upload to this website)
     * A friend or colleague who could benefit or add value from attending.
     * Optional (if you are drinking): A designated driver.

Q: What should I expect?

A: To have a nice, relaxing good time with people just like you.  Some of the internet marketers there will have made millions online, others are just getting started, others have or have had jobs in related fields.  We will simply mingle, chat and have organic, casual conversations. 

There will only be one somewhat formal element of the evening: We will gather around and one by one, state your name, the name of your business and/or website, and what you are up to (be brief! Keep it short & simple.  This means keep it to 1 minute or less).

Q: When, where & how often do you meet?
A: Once a month.  We meet the 2nd Tuesday of each month from 7 to 9:30pm.  The location is Six Lounge in downtown Austin, TX.  Six Lounge is located at the southwest corner of 4th and Colorado Streets.
As for specific 2009 dates: Jan 13; Feb. 10; Mar. 10, and so on...

Q: Is there any cost or fees to join or attend?

A: Nope... (not at this point in time, anyway).  All we ask is that you buy some food and/or drinks and tip your waitstaff nicely.

Q: Who started this group and why?
A: David Gonzalez is the founder and coordinator of these events.  After selling his offline business after almost 9 years he has taken a strong interest to all things Internet Marketing.  Having established friendships and connections with many of the top internet marketers (including but not limited to the Texas area), forming this group was a natural fit.  He was inspired by attending some internet marketing networking events in Dallas held by Kevin Wilke of  He asked around and found that there was interest among some of the Austinites and so he decided to make this happen.

Q: Who can I contact with questions, comments, concerns, etc.?

A: David Gonzalez (the founder / coordinator of these events), can be reached via email: mrdavegonzalez [at] gmail dot com (just type that out).