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Mark your calendars, on February 10th, it is going to be wild.

Ben Mack (a wacky and brilliant marketer) is flying in from whatever planet he comes from and is going to perform a magic show where he teaches you ESP.  (Yes, that kind of ESP).

Ben used to be a professional magician and can put on a hell of a show – but this is more than a show – it is a marketing lesson.

Learning how to be an ESP “practitioner” teaches you how to get into the mind of your customer (think about it).  He will also be demonstrating how to create your own pitch book and how to sell it (these are skills we all need). 

Ben wanted to be able to sell the pitch books to you guys for $10, but we told him that there is absolutely no selling at our party.

So….  The deal is that if at the end of the magic show, you want to get his pitch book – you have to buy Ben a shot. 

AND he has to drink it.

So, suffice it to say, Ben is going to be LOADED by the end of the night!!!  We will be getting this on video.

Just so you know, the show will be short as the format of this event will always be networking and fun first.  

Please tell all your friends whether they are in Austin or not, so they can at least see the video.

Ben Mack solemnly swears...

I, Ben Mack, do solemnly swear to entertain and educate and build new creative marketing channels in the minds of the attendees at the Austin Internet Marketing Entrepreneur Network Party on the 2nd Tuesday of February, 2009.

No, really, I promise.

All you have to do is enter your email below & even if you CAN'T make it to Austin, we'll send you videos of the event!

Yes, I Want to See Ben Mack's
Marketing Magic!
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